Josh is a consumate Star Wars nerd with a passion for Theology.

You can find him playing light sabers with his 15 year old son Elliott or discussing the merits of his latest read with his wife of 22 years, Rachel.  

He has a great ability to use music, movies and pop culture to explain scripture and theological concepts.  

He has a heart for the lost, and a call for those that often feel uncomfortable in church.

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Our Vestry

The role of the vestry is to implement and protect the church vision.  Our Vestry consists of elected members of our congregation that meet monthly to pray, learn and do the "business" of the church.  

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  • Larissa Roe - Senior Warden

    Riss and her husband Mike have been a part of Incarnation since its beginnings 13 years ago.  

    As the Senior Warden Riss helps to make sure that the Pastor and his family are taken care of.

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  • Kathy  Greaves

    Kathy and her husband Paul have been a part of Incarnation since it began in 2008. Kathy is an excellent potter and enjoys spending time exploring caves.

  • Katherine Owens

    Katherine, her husband Dryw and their two kids have been attending Incarnation since 2018.  Katherine recently graduated law school and passed the bar exam.   

  • Jessica Cullen

    Jessica has been attending Incarnation for several years.  She leads an evening prayer group called "Jesspers." She is a certified midwife and works in public health.  She is an avid book collector and enjoys all things nerdy.